Ubiquinol is an extremely important supplement for overall good health. Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is a nucleoside triphosphate that is essential in the production of cellular energy. Without ATP there would not be enough energy to drive the human machine’s most basic functions. CoenzymeQ10 is necessary for the production of ATP. Without CoenzymeQ10, it is impossible to efficiently produce ATP. Ubiquinone is the oxidized form of COQ10 and until recently, it was the only choice available. Ubiquinol is the antioxidant form of ubiquinone, it offers increased cell protection and is readily synthesized by the body. Ubiquinol is not as popular as some nootropics like noopept or Onnit’s Alpha Brain.

Why You Need It

brain-generic_650x400_51453283827 COQ10 aids in converting carbohydrates and fats to energy in the form of ATP which is the form needed to energize cells. Every day the heart beats an average of 100,000 times. In your life time it will deliver an astonishing 2.5 billion rhythms. Your heart requires a huge supply of ATP. Ubiquinol (COQ10) is proven to be the essential fuel for providing the energy that cells require for meeting the heart’s massive demands. Patients in Japan suffering from congestive heart failure have been prescribed therapeutic doses of Ubiquinone, and more recently Ubiquinol, since the early 1960′s thus increasing their chances of recovery. It has also shown to have mark able effect on slowing the progression of Parkinson’s disease. Ubiquinol occurs and is produced naturally by the body. It is the only fat soluble antioxidant your body produces. It is responsible for the health of every organ in the body. What is now very clear is that by age forty our bodies do not produce adequate amounts. Ubiquinol is readily absorbed by the body and is many times more effective than Ubiquinone because it is the exact antioxidant form that is produced and stored naturally by the body. Oral health and Renal function are also proven to benefit from this supplement. Studies focused on aging indicate that low levels of Ubiquinol may be directly associated as a responsible agent.

Simply Put

I don’t like throwing big words around that no one outside of the medical, scientific community understands and I have to struggle with to put into context. So here is the bottom line.  In studying this particular supplement, one thing is paramount. It is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the cells and their subsequent ability to supply energy vital to survival. Every organ in the body uses it and while other supplements and herbs are clouded in uncertainty and folklore, Ubiquinol has substantiated studies that prove it’s value to the human body. No. I don’t think it is the fountain of youth nor will it cure everything that ails you. I don’t think you will be throwing away your cane soon, but I do think supplementing your diet with Ubiquinol will help you give the Reaper a run for his money.

The Dangers Of Taking Ubiquinol

b-vitamins-brain-health Improved overall health. There are few known problems, although improved blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and heart strenghth are all potential benefits that require oversight if you are taking drugs to treat them. The greatest danger is that you choose not too. This amazing supplement shows promise of being one of the best preventive medicines you can take for good health and longevity. The best food sources of Ubiquinol are fish, red meat,  grains, fruits and dairy products. The ability to convert these foods degenerate as we age and while there may be “adequate” amounts of COQ10 in these foods your body is less likely to convert it. There is not a recommended daily allowance for Ubiquinol, however doses of 50-100 milligrams for maintenance is generally considered adequate. If you are targeting a specific condition consult your doctor as he or she will define what is the best amount based on current research. As with all changes to your vitamin, supplement, herb routine make certain a health care professional is in your circle. Research, use care, and always start with small doses.

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3-piece e-cigarette model consists of the Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge. The Batteries are generally small, thin, rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that are the basic “brain” of the e-cig, in that they generally have a tiny microchip tallying the number of draws you take to engage infrequent “cleaning cycles” that superheat the atomizer to burn off any nicotine fluid that may have stuck to it. dt.common.streams.StreamServer   For the common automatic e-cig, the battery is engaged when you draw upon the e-cig unit which then heats the atomizer and often illuminates a small LED light at the opposite end of the battery to either simulate burning real smoke (orange) or often in another color such as blue or green to avoid confusion in areas that don’t permit smoking…which is becoming pretty much everywhere. The Atomizer is essentially a tiny heating coil that is powered by the Li-Ion battery when the e-cig is drawn upon. The atomizer (or “Atty” as it is commonly referred) heats (but does not combust or ignite) the fluid-soaked wicking material inside the attached cartridge. The atomizer is the center piece–the cartridge slips on one end and the battery is screwed onto the other end. The Cartridge is the plastic end that connects to the atomizer and also serves as the mouthpiece that is drawn upon.  It has an inner plastic cartridge filled with a wool-like wicking material soaked with your choice of “smoke juice.”  This liquid comes in MANY flavors, including tobacco-like tastes, fruit, menthol, coffee, whiskey, etc. and comes in a huge selection of nicotine density…from very high, about 34 mg, to high, medium, low, and ZERO nicotine as well, with many in-between.  Check out High Class Vape, to see some of these crazy flavors.37a147b9b6a7215be5f16b61f3daf507 The object is, for most, to “step down” the nicotine quantity and hopefully quit all this stuff.  Vaping is healthier and preferable to smoking, but doing neither should be you goal. There also exist two-piece models where the atty is attached to the cartridges and one-piece sets that  are disposable.  There are also pipe- and cigar-style versions of the e-cig. Disclaimer of Liability: Statements made regarding the electronic cigarette are in the opinion of Vape! don’t smoke llc. Neither the statements of opinion nor the products  have been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Electronic cigarettes are not marketed as nor claimed to be “smoking cessation devices” as defined by the FDA and nor are they claimed to be “medical devices” of any kind.


Connemara Whiskey – Buying Guide and Indepth Review

Coonemara Irish whiskey is produced at the Kilbeggan Distilling company which has been around since 1757. It is a well known distillery which is renowned for its fine whiskey production. The Coonemara whiskey collection offers some truly distinct and unique flavours, each with their own individual mark, creating some delicious taste sensations. Whiskey is aged in seasoned oak, sherry and bourbon barrels, or even mini whiskey barrels,  depending on the type and this ensures a unique taste across the entire Coonemara whiskey range.

Coonemara Irish Whiskey Review – Peated Single Malt

whiskey-on-tray-with-connemara-whiskey Coonemara Whiskey is one of the few Irish whiskey brands that uses peat in its production – peat is rarely used in most Irish whiskey however the delicate way that the peat is used for the single malt is quite superb. Coonemara single malt somehow manages to retain the smooth taste that Irish whiskey is so renowned for without letting go of the peat overtones for which it is well known. This means it has a smokier edge although it still manages to be rather refined and very well balanced with defined notes of honey, and oak, which is very pleasant on the palate. Coonemara Peated Single Malt whiskey is only lightly peated so although you get the smoky flavour, it manages to retain a somewhat cleaner taste whilst paying homage to it’s smokier notes. This is an excellent whiskey that is perfectly suited for any time of the year. However the smoky notes evoke memories of winter and Christmas and the honey notes give it that lovely sweet edge. This is an excellent whiskey which is a fantastic addition to any whiskey collection.  Those whom enjoy the smoky edge that peat brings, will love the expert way in which the smoky notes are brought into the drink without being too overbearing – resulting in a smooth whiskey which has an added depth of flavour, and which lingers on the palate.

Coonemara 12 year old Peated Irish Whiskey Review

This delightful whiskey has won several awards and has a distinct fruity taste of apple, with the unmistakable, trademark smokiness of peat coming through. It is fairly smooth and enhanced by subtle notes of vanilla and spices which makes it a rather earthy, robust drink which is very warming. The smokiness is married well and subsequently the finish is rich with subtle chocolate notes coming through on the palate. This is a well crafted whiskey that is delicately balanced. The chocolate notes are pleasing, without being too strong, yet it provides a noticeable contrast to the spices and delivers just the right amount of sweetness. Perfect for any time of the year, it manages to bring together both subtle and more robust ingredients – the delicate balance of spice which is perfectly rounded off with the gorgeous smoky peat makes this an excellent choice for any drink cabinet.

Coonemara Bog Oak Peated Single Malt – Review

Connemara This fine, limited edition whiskey only produced a thousand bottles and should be part of any decent Irish whiskey collection. The end of the barrels in which this whiskey is aged, is made from bog oak and the woodiness which comes through on the palate is from these barrels which have been turned on their side to enrich this sublime beverage. Peat, which is a pleasing characteristic of the Coonemara Whiskey range, doesn’t taste as light in this particular offering and means the smokiness is not as subtle as other varieties in the range.  However, that means you are left with a real depth of flavour – something that is very robust and strong. The distinct notes of citrus burst into flavour with a hint of sweetness, all the while with that unmistakable woody oak flavour dancing lightly on the palate so that the drink can maintain the right balance between bitter and sweet. Indeed, there is a slight nutty flavour to this drink which matches well with the sweetness that gently emerges on to the palate. You can smell hints of a campfire which makes this a lovely warming drink. When you purchase one of the few bottles in circulation, the box is actually made from a piece of the bog oak used to mature this stunning whiskey.